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At Masters Generators & Electrical Service, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier electrical solutions tailored to diverse needs. From homes seeking consistent power to businesses and industries requiring robust electrical infrastructure, our team is equipped to provide unparalleled service.

Generator Services

Generators: Power On Demand

Generator Sales: Explore our extensive range of high-quality generators, perfect for every need and budget.
Generator Installation: Seamlessly integrate reliable power sources into your space, ensuring uninterrupted service.
Generator Repair & Diagnostics: Our seasoned experts ensure your generator’s longevity with timely diagnostics and repairs.
Generator Service: With regular maintenance, we ensure your generator is always primed and ready.
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Residential Services

Every home deserves top-notch electrical services.

Backup Generators: Bid farewell to power outages with our steadfast backup solutions.
Emergency Repairs: Rapid response to electrical emergencies, ensuring your home’s safety.
Electrical Panels & More: Upgrade and modernize your home’s electrical infrastructure for safety and efficiency.
Lighting Installation: Illuminate both your interiors and exteriors with our tailored lighting solutions, enhancing ambiance and security.
Ceiling Fans: Optimize airflow and add a touch of elegance with our professional ceiling fan installations.
Electrical Inspections & Code Compliance: Ensure your home meets safety standards with our thorough inspections.
Wiring Upgrades: Modernize your home’s wiring for enhanced safety and functionality
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Commercial Services

Uninterrupted operations are crucial for businesses.

Generators & Backup Solutions: Ensure your operations never face a power-related halt.
Electrical Repair & Diagnostics: Expert solutions to keep your commercial space running smoothly.
Transformer Installation: Ensure consistent and safe power distribution across your commercial premises.
Electric Motor Installation & Repair: Keep your machinery running optimally with our expert motor services.
Electrical Panels: Expert installation, upgrade, and maintenance of electrical panels to ensure safe and efficient power distribution throughout your commercial space.
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Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Industries demand specialized electrical solutions.

Industrial Controls & Automation: Harness the power of modern technology to optimize your operations.
Troubleshooting & Diagnostics: Rapid and precise solutions to minimize industrial downtime.
Hazardous Locations: Expertise in electrical solutions tailored for environments with increased risk factors.
Motors & Transformers Testing: Ensuring the efficiency and safety of your heavy-duty equipment.
VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) Testing, Repair & Installation: Optimize motor speed and save energy with our comprehensive VFD services.
And More!

Choose Masters Generators & Electrical Service for a seamless power experience, whether at home, in your business, or across expansive industrial setups. Reach out today and let us illuminate your world.


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